Mongolia Money: Pictures and Overview of Mongolia's Currency

Mongolia money? It's the Mongolian Togrog (Tughrik), valued at about 1,300T per US dollar. That means it's a lot easier to be a millionaire in Mongolia than it is back home.

Below are a number of pictures I've taken of Mongolia's money. Enjoy!

Want to buy some Mongolian currency for your collection?

I should be able to get a local contact to source some notes and post them over to you, but obviously to cover the effort of finding notes in good condition, heading to the post office, etc. you're going to have to pay over and above their market value (about $30US or so). Contact Me if you're interested in acquiring particular notes an I'll make an inquiry for you.

Mongolia money 10 togrog

Mongolia currency: the 10 Tughrik note. Not very common these days as they're worth about 0.7 US cents. The symbol to the right of the face is the Soyombo symbol, the national symbol of Mongolia. You can read more about its history and meanings here.

Mongolia money 100 togrog

Mongolia money: 100 Togrog note. The face on the back of this note is Suhkbaatar, the communist hero who liberated Mongolia from Manchu rule, with the help of the Russians. A national hero, 'Suhkbaatar square' forms the central meeting place in Ulan Bator.

Mongolia currency 10 togrog

Mongolia currency: The picture on the face of the 10 togrog and 100 togrog note is the same, only the former has a blue tinge and the latter a red tinge.

Mongolian money -20 Togrog money of Mongolia -50 togrog

Mongolia currency: the same 'horse picture' on the front of the 50T note, and the same face of Sukhbaatar on the back, only this time it's brown.

Mongolia money -500 togrog

Mongolia money: the higher denomination notes feature the face of THE most famous Mongolian, Genghis Khan (pronounced 'Chingis Han' in Mongolian). You can learn about the all-conquering Mongol on my Mongolian history page.

Money Mongolia- 1000 togrog

Mongolian Money: the 1,000 Tughrik note features a picture of Genghis Khan's ger (tent that Mongolian nomads live in); this massive dwelling had to be pulled by a team of oxen.

Mongolia money 5000 togrog note

Both the 5,000 and 10,000 notes feature Genghis on the back, and a picture of the famous silver drinking fountain in Karakorum, during the reign of Genghis' grandson, Mongke Khan. It was built by a Frenchman for Mongke, an elaborate design for the serving of alcohol. It was a symbol of pride and technical achievement at the time, and now features in Mongolia money.
William of Rubrick, a visiting French missionary, described it as follows in about the year 1254:

"In the entry of this great a great silver tree, and at its roots are four lions of silver, each with a conduit through it, and all belching forth white milk of mares. And four conduits are led inside the tree to its tops, which are bent downward, and on each of these is also a gilded serpent, whose tail twines round the tree. And from one of these pipes flows wine, from another cara cosmos, or clarified mare's milk, from another bal, a drink made with honey, and from another rice mead, which is called terracina; and for each liquor there is a special silver bowl at the foot of the tree to receive it.

Between these four conduits in the top, he made an angel holding a trumpet, and underneath the tree he made a vault in which a man can be hid. And pipes go up through the heart of the tree to the angel. Outside the palace is a cellar in which the liquors are stored, and there are servants all ready to pour them out when they hear the angel trumpeting."

mongolian money pictures

Mongolia money: the silver fountain on the 10,000 note.

mongolian money pictures 20000 note Mongolia currency

Mongolian money: The battle standard of Genghis Khan, with black and white horse hair tails hanging down. The standard was a potent symbol of Genghis' history. It was reportedly handed down through the centuries by the Mongols and later by Buddhist monks. Then, during the Communist purges in the 1930s, it disappeared -never to be seen again. As a symbol of national pride, now featured on Mongolia money and re-created and displayed during parades for the annual Naadam festival.

Mongolia old money

Mongolia money: these photos of old Mongolian currency were taken at the national museum in Ulan Bator. These old notes were used before the communists came into power in the 1920s. The below picture shows the coins in circulation during Manchu rule (i.e. while the Qing dynasty in China over-lorded in Mongolia).

Mongolia old currency

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