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These are some of my favorite Mongolia pictures. These photos were taken during my travels across the Mongolia. If you see anything you like, there are links to my pages on the place names so you can read more about a particular location. Enjoy!

mongolia pictures: Kazakh family

Photo of an ethnic Kazakh family in Western Mongolia. Read more about the Khazakh enclave and their special culture.

Mongolia pictures eagle hunting

Hunting with eagles in Western Mongolia. Read about my page on eagle hunting for more information on how they catch eagles, train them, and how they catch rabbits, foxes and wolves.

Mongolia pictures -Central Mongolia

Hiking in Central Mongolia. With no fences and no private property, you can hike where ever you like in Mongolia!

pictures of Mongolia: Naadam festival in Ulan Bator

Ceremony underway at the Naadam Festival in Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia. The Naadam festival happens in early July.

Mongolia pictures lake Khovsgol, pictures of Mongolia

Young Mongolian boy in a Del, looking out over Lake Khovsgol, one of the most scenic destinations in Mongolia.

Mongolia pictures; kids on horsback

Young kids on horseback, by the shores of Khoton Nuurin Western Mongolia.

Pictures of Mongolia: glacier in the Altai Mountains

Glacier in the Altai Mountains, in Tavan Bogd National Park in Western Mongolia

pictures of Mongolia: horseback riding in Central Mongolia

Going a horse riding in Northern Mongolia, and heading into the storm.

Mongolia pictures: Sand Dunes in the Gobi desert

Pictures of Mongolia: Sand dunes in the Gobi Desert

Mongolia pictures: Mongolian ger

Mongolian ger, the traditional nomad dwelling. Half the population of Mongolia live in gers for at least a couple of months a year (i.e. summer), but only about 10% or so are permanent nomads. You will definitely have an opportunity to visit a ger in Mongolia, and enjoy the wonderful hospitality of the local people.

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