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Below are some more Mongolia images from my travels throughout the country. Click on the links to the place names for more information.

Mongolia images; yurts in the Altai Mountains

Gers in the Altai Mountains, in Western Mongolia. A Russian-made UAZ jeep is parked outside. For those with the time or money to get there, The West really is a special part of the world.

Mongolia Images: buzkashi in western Mongolia

Mongolia images: Kazakh nomads playing a game of buzkashi, an ancient Central Asian sport involving horsemen fighting over a goat carcass, at a naadam in Western Mongolia. Learn about the sport and culture of the ethnic Kazakh minority here.

mongolia images: ger yurt with solar panel and satellite dish

Images Mongolia: the old meets the new: many families now have a satellite dish and solar cell-powered battery for beaming soap operas into their gers.

mongolia images: valley near Lake Khovsgol

A beautiful valley near Lake Khovsgol, teeming with wildflowers and dotted with livestock. A perfect place to go on a Horse trek.

mongolia images: mongolian horseman

Images of Mongolia: showing off horsemanship by trying to pick up a goat carcass at a full gallop. West Mongolia.

images of Mongolia: a wrestler at Naadam

A wrestler doing an eagle dance at a countryside naadam. Wrestling, along with archery and horse racing, is one of the 'three manly sports' of naadam. Countryside naadam may not have the same standard of competition as Ulan Bator, but you get a lot closer to the action and it feels a bit more 'authentic'.

images of Mongolia: a typical mongolian road

A typical road in Mongolia. There are no road signs, and often multiple lanes develop during the boggy spring thaw. Click to learn about tours through Mongolia.

Images Mongolia sukhbaatar square

Mongolia images: A land of contrasts. A statue of Leninist hero Sukbaatar sits in front of a modern skyscraper in the main square of Ulan Bator.

mongolia images: zavkhan province landscape

Images Mongolia. Driving through the vast, empty landscapes of Zavkhan province can be a real adventure. You need a reliable Tour operator to take you to remote places like this.

images mongolia zaisan memorial

The view over Ulan Bator offered by Zaisan memorial, a bizarre Soviet-era mural to Russo-Mongol relations.

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