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Photos Mongolia: below are more pictures taken from my travels throughout Mongolia. Follow the links below to learn more about any of the places you're interested in.

mongolia photos gobi desert camels

Camels in the Gobi desert, still with their winter coats on.

photos mongolia trans-siberian train

Mongolia photos: Taking a break outside the famous Trans-Siberian train, which travels through Mongolia.

photos of Mongolia bogd khan palace museum

A view over the grounds of the Bogd Khan palace museum in Ulan Bator

mongolia photos hiking in west mongolia

Mongolia photos: Hiking in Tavan Bogd in Western Mongolia's Altai Mountains.

mongolia photos gobi desert temples

Photos Mongolia: Ruined temples in the Gobi desert. Unfortunately, sacked temples and monasteries are common in Mongolia due to the Communist purges of buddhist lamas which took place in the 1930s.

photos mongolia hiking central mongolia

Mongolia photos: the rolling hills and valleys of Central Mongolia make for some great trekking. Hikers need to be well prepared; click here for a detailed packing list for Mongolia.

mongolia photos buddhist ovoo obo

Photos of Mongolia: Buddhist ovoos are a common sight. Mongolians follow Tibetan Buddhism, and leave offerings of blue scarves, vodka or cigarettes to please the spirits before a journey. Read my page on religion in Mongolia for information on Buddhism, Shamanism, and religious practices in Mongolia.

photos mongolia naadam festival

Mongolia photos: Onlookers watching from a big Russian truck down on the finish line of a naadam horse race. Boys as young as five come galloping in from 10 miles across the valley: it's an amazing sight.

photos of mongolia olgii city

Pictures of Mongolia: the Khovd River as it winds it's way through the city of Olgii in Western Mongolia. Click to read all about the major rivers in Mongolia

mongolia photos wolf pup

A captive wolf pup in Northern Mongolia. Wolves are numerous in West Mongolia during winter, and the locals see them as pests which attack their livestock; they shoot them with little sympathy.

mongolia photos terelj national park

The fantastic view outside our tent at Terelj national park, which is conveniently close to Ulan Bator

mongolia photos steppe central mongolia

A truck crosses the open steppe in beautiful Central Mongolia

mongolia photos kazakh art

A Kazakh lady selling hand-woven textiles inside a ger in Western Mongolia. Click here to read about unique culture of the Kazakh minority.

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