Don't tour Mongolia with the wrong company!

The best Mongolian tour companies, by budget and location

I prefer to tour Mongolia in support of the local tourism industry.  Don't pay 50% more by buying a tour in your home country, they'll just take a huge cut and sub-contract the work to Mongolians at minimal rates.    

A number of dodgy people are offering sub-standard Mongolia tours to try to cash in on the tourism market.  I get reports of new ones every year; they change names regularly so it's impossible to keep track of.  It pays to choose the right tour company.

Below is a list of the best Mongolian tour companies.  They're Mongolian-owned and operated.  I've used them all myself, multiple times, and know them well.  They also get great feedback from visitors to my site. 

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Best budget tours of Mongolia: 

The award definitely goes to Golden Gobi.  This family-owned company have been at it for years, and get plenty of trips going through.  Their guides are good and their drivers are outstanding!             

The usual model is for them to get together about 5 or 6 travelers to share transport in a Russian-made UAZ 4x4 van, which gives travelers really good value.  You can do private tours of Mongolia with them, though your per-person costs will obviously be much higher if there's only a couple of you. 

They also run a popular guesthouse, which has hostel beds for budget travelers, and budget rooms for those seeking privacy but the fun, social atmosphere of a hostel.  Mostly for the young, or young at heart, most people seem to be in their mid-20s to early 30s.   

I actually met my wife there in 2008 when we were both staying there, so it has a special attachment for us!  We now consider Ogie, Enkush and Bob good friends. 

Without doubt, the best value tours in Mongolia.  

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The Spectacular West

Looking to tour stunning and remote Western Mongolia?  It's a spectacular place, but you really need a Kazakh guide.  Click on my Western Mongolia tours page to learn why, and how to get in touch with Bek, the best tour operator out there.  There's also a handy .PDF file overview and itinerary <a href="" target="_blank">here</a>.

Best company for luxury Mongolia tours  

If I win the lotto, I'll let you know!  Seriously, if I had the money and wanted to tour Mongolia in luxury I'd just get in touch with Three Camels Lodge and tell them where I want to go.  

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Best Mid-Range Mongolia tours

Hovd cater really well for the mid-range Mongolia tour market and present great value.  More for those seeking to tour Mongolia privately,  which includes more comfort, more polished guides, a reliable Toyota rather than a temperamental Russian-made jeep, a domestic flight to get you back home a bit more quickly... that kind of thing!       

Hovd have a good network around Mongolia. The first time I used them they managed to find me a jeep when I was out west when nobody else could. They're really good at doing customized trips, or finding specialized trips for climbers, bird watchers, nature tours, cycling tours, etc..

Gangkuyag, the owner, is quite a worldly and interesting man.  Get in touch with them if you think a mid-range tour is your thing. 

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